WSX will flash in Munich the World's greatest Photoelectri Event

2019-07-08 13:55:42 金晓

慕尼黑国际应用激光、光电技术贸易博览会(LASER-World of Photonics)系由德国著名的慕尼黑国际博览会集团公司(MMI)主办的全球唯一覆盖整个光电子行业所有门类、展示最尖端科技的专业光电博览会。

LASER-World of Photonics the only professional photonics fair in the world, which covers all categories of the whole photonics industry and shows the most cutting-edge technology, sponsored by (MMI), a famous Munich international expo company.

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As the most important scientific platform, LASER-World of Photonics provides participants with a comprehensive insight into the photonics world and becomes the interface between theory and practice. Its speakers are outstanding scientific and industrial figures, some of whom are Nobel laureates.

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LASER-World of Photonics各种设计新颖、科技领先的新产品、全新的解决方案和紧跟世界潮流的应用技术将纷纷登台亮相。同时为数众多的投资、贸易商的进场观展将为先进的科学技术转换成现实的生产力铺平道路。

All kinds of new products with novel design and leading technology, new solutions and application technologies that keep up with the world trend will appear on the stage one after another. At the same time, a large number of investors and traders will pave the way for advanced science and technology to transform to practical productivity. 

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The last LASER-World of Photonics had more than 32700 visitors from 73 countries, 1290 exhibitors from 42 countries, with a total area of 55000 square meters, 5600 participants in the conference and application, and about 3000 conference lectures and speeches.

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地址:德国 - 慕尼黑 - 慕尼黑新国际博览中心Fairgrou



As a leading professional manufacturer of fiber laser heads in China, WSX will bring fiber laser cutting heads and welding heads to the Munich this time.

Date:June 24-27, 2019

Address:Messe München, Munich, Germany

Booth No.:A3.146-2

Laser intelligence era, science and technology win the future. WSX looks forward to taking part in the grand event with you!

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