Different technology can be realized by changing laser head

2020-04-21 11:07:46 晶肖

The value of laser processing:

The biggest cost of laser processing is that the one-time investment of the equipment is relatively expensive. Once the equipment is put into operation, without considering the cost of the equipment, the operation cost is relatively low and the laser processing cycle is short, which can greatly save the maintenance time, thus ensuring the timely production, and the performance is like new parts.


Different processes can be realized by changing the laser head:

1. Laser welding (general welding joint and swing welding joint)

Laser welding is a process in which two metal workpieces are self melted and welded by direct laser irradiation on the metal surface. The ordinary laser welding head irradiates the laser in the form of positive focus or defocusing on the workpiece for welding. The swing welding joint can realize the self defining of the weld width and refract the light into various patterns to weld the workpiece. The advantage is that it can carry out rough machining and weld some workpieces with large weld gap.

2. Laser quenching (quenching head)

Laser quenching technology is to use the focused laser beam incident on the surface of iron and steel materials, so that the temperature rises rapidly to above the transformation point. When the laser is removed, due to the rapid heat conduction of the inner layer material which is still at low temperature, the heated surface is cooled rapidly to below the martensitic transformation point, and then the surface transformation hardening of the workpiece is realized. For example, the maximum hardened layer depth of laser melting hardening on the surface of large roller can reach more than 2mm.

3. Laser cladding (cladding head)

Laser cladding technology is a technology that uses laser beam and powder feeder to cladding a layer of special performance material on the surface of selected workpiece to improve the surface performance of workpiece. For a large number of vulnerable parts such as roll, guide, conveying roll, pinch roll and cutting edge in metallurgical industry, the biggest advantage of laser cladding and alloying technology is that the whole roll is alloyed into surface alloying or cladding, which greatly improves the service life of vulnerable parts such as roll, while the increase of production cost is limited. Obviously, the design, selection and application of alloy powder are the key to the success of this technology.

4. Laser cutting (cutting head)

Laser cutting is a kind of technology which uses the energy released by laser to heat the workpiece and cut it with gas (air, nitrogen, foreign gas).

With the rapid development of laser processing equipment and technology, as well as the unprecedented improvement of people's awareness of remanufacturing, the depth and breadth of laser remanufacturing technology application will be more and more in-depth and extensive, which will bring unprecedented benefits and development, and make application contributions to China's manufacturing and construction of an economical society.


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