What are the causes of laser head nozzle blockage?

2020-05-12 14:29:22 晶肖

When the laser head is used, the problem of nozzle blockage will be encountered, resulting in the failure of normal use of the laser head. Now, what are the causes of laser head nozzle blockage?

1、 Improper nozzle selection or maintenance

It is easy to cause nozzle pollution or damage, or because the roundness of nozzle mouth is not good or because of the local blockage caused by hot metal splashing, eddy current will be formed in the nozzle, resulting in a significant deterioration of cutting performance. Sometimes, the nozzle mouth and the focus beam have different axes, forming the beam to cut the nozzle edge, which will also affect the cutting quality, increase the cutting edge width and make the cutting size dislocation.

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2、 Temperature too low

The low temperature of the nozzle may be due to the heat loss caused by the contact between the nozzle and the cold mold for a long time during the fixed feeding, or the low temperature caused by the insufficient heat supply or poor contact of the nozzle heating ring, which may block the feeding channel of the mold.

3、 Nozzle bore not suitable

If the nozzle is too small, the specific volume of the strip will increase due to the small flow diameter, which is easy to be cooled, blocking the feed channel or consuming the injection pressure; if the nozzle is too large, the flow cross-sectional area will be large, and the unit area pressure of the plastic injection mold will be low, which will result in a small injection force.

4、 No cleaning for a long time

The nozzle is a part at the end of the laser head. If the nozzle is not cleaned for a long time, the ash layer will accumulate and the slag will be at the nozzle mouth, which will cause blockage and the laser head will not work normally.


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