Laser cutting heads make toys more modern

2019-01-25 14:34:59 金晓

       Toys are considered familiar to everyone.  Lego building blocks, building blocks, plush toys and remote-controlled cars are currently children's favorite toy products.  If the family has children, at least the room is full of toys.  Toys of various brands and different playing methods dazzle people.The rapid development of the laser head is indispensable!

Laser cutting head

        Now everyone's living standard has improved.  As parents, when choosing toys, the first choice is not to consider the price but the manufacturing process and product level.  This has also become a hot topic pursued by many toy factories.

        In the traditional manufacturing process of cloth and plush toys, props or electric irons are usually used to cut toy parts.  The mould has the advantages of high finished product, long manufacturing time, low cutting precision and low reutilization rate.  It is necessary to manufacture blades of different shapes and sizes for toy workpieces of different sizes.  If the shape or size cannot be used later, the mold will become disposable and very wasteful.

Laser cutting head

        In particular, due to the deformation and passivation of the cutting edge, it is easy to lose silk on the toy surface, which seriously affects the work efficiency and quality of the toy factory.  In addition, the ironing speed is slow, the labor and cloth losses are large, the smell of processed smoke is strong, and the health is damaged.  In particular to high-grade cloth velvet toys in cutting piece processing.  The traditional method of processing equipment is increasingly inadequate.

        The emergence and application of laser cutting machine have successfully solved the above problems.  The advanced numerical control operation and non-contact processing method not only ensure the high-speed stability of laser equipment, but also ensure the fine, smooth and accurate cutting, especially in the cutting of equivalent parts of eyes, nose and ears of animal toys.  Cartoon toys.

Laser cutting head

         Especially for automatic feeding, intelligent typesetting, multi-head cutting and mirror cutting of symmetrical parts in the toy field.  The application of these functions not only meets the manufacturing characteristics of toy factories, such as mass production, strict requirements and complicated construction process, but also saves materials, energy, environmental protection, product quality, processing efficiency and profits.  Successful application of laser cutting machine in Olympic fuwa manufacturing.  With a large population of 6.6 billion in the world, the sustained and rapid development of the industrial economy has determined the huge market demand in the fields of household textiles, toys, trademarks, automotive interiors, etc.  Related to this, advanced processing technology has become a hot spot that many manufacturers pay more and more attention to.

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