Laser cutting heads make the lighting industry "icing on the cake"

2019-01-26 11:42:14 金晓


       Laser cutting is a high-tech application technology in the modern industrial revolution.  It is a very popular industrial production equipment in developed countries.  Through the control of the computer program, the die stamping process in the metal plate processing process has been replaced to a great extent. It has good flexibility, optimizes the production process and plays an irreplaceable role in the field of mechanical equipment manufacturing.

Laser cutting head

       However,laser cutting technology has not only become the sharpest " cutter" in the manufacturing industry, but also metal side cabinets, metal desks and chairs, clear water chestnut, or soft and hard curvy tea tables in the middle, or small sides of hollow design of metal screens, are inseparable from laser cutting machine.

Laser cutting head

       Laser cutting is not only suitable for high reflectivity materials such as stainless steel, aluminum veneer, brass, and red copper, but also has the characteristics of non-mold processing, fully meeting the requirements of small-scale customization in the home decoration industry.  .  Today Rieldo Laser King will evaluate the application of laser cutting in the lamp industry.

Laser cutting head

       Taking metal plate cutting as an example, the traditional metal plate cutting needs to go through various cutting, blanking and bending processes, which correspondingly requires a large number of dies, thus requiring more cost investment and causing waste.  In contrast, the laser cutting machine does not need to go through these procedures, and the cutting effect is better.

Laser cutting head

       Lighting plays an important role in modern home life.  The function of the lamp is not only limited to lighting, but also often plays a decorative role.  Stylish and simple bulb design adds luster to our daily life.  Today's lamps also use various materials: cloth, stainless steel, wood, etc.  These laser cutting machines can do this.Illumination processed by laser cutting technology can determine which places are hollowed out and which places are not moved, resulting in almost infinite light and shadow shapes.


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