Laser Cutting Accelerating 5G Development in China

2019-02-12 14:38:56 金晓

       At present, China has an advantage in the world 5G war.  Recently, CCTV News has brought another 5G piece of good news.  CCTV News revealed on its official website that in mid - January, China implemented the 4K UHD 5G network transmission test for the first time.  The 2019 CCTV Spring Festival Gala will realize 5G network transmission of 4K ultra-high definition content, which is also the first 5G network 4K transmission in China.

       Laser cutting is an indispensable technical means for 5G base station construction and 5G equipment manufacturing.  Take 5G mobile phone as an example.  In order to adapt to the new technological changes, mobile phones will undergo great changes from materials to manufacturing processes, and core components such as chips, terminal antennas and circuit boards will be further improved.  In the field of precision machining, laser machining has unique advantages.

WSX Cutting head

       Taking flexible printed circuit board and 5G terminal antenna as examples, taking high-power laser cutting machine and Bond S series as examples, due to its strong performance, high beam quality and good cutting effect, fine cutting of flexible printed circuit board can be truly realized.  At present, LCP ( liquid crystal polymer ) flexible board has become the mainstream material technology of 5G antenna.  The manufacturing difficulty of LCP antenna is much higher than that of traditional antenna, and laser processing must be adopted.  Due to the limited space, the linear density and spacing of LCP products increase and the processing shape becomes more and more complicated.  Laser cutting is through numerical control processing, and consumables are not needed in the processing process, thus saving mold opening cost.

       In addition, laser cutting will also play an important role in small 5G mobile phone components and camera protection lenses.

       With the derivative opportunities brought by 5G, bond laser took the lead in formulating the strategy of " future factory" and " future service", actively exploring VR laser cutting experience, 5G global remote diagnosis, 5G intelligent monitoring, automation and other innovative application control, etc.

WSX Cutting head

 ( 1 ) VR field experience

       We began to develop VR panorama digital system.  Visitors can wear professional VR glasses and visit the laser research and development production base at 720 degrees without laser.  In the near future, VR panoramic laser cutting operation experience service will be launched, allowing users to experience laser cutting without leaving home. It is believed that VR application and AR application will play a greater role in the production process of intelligent factories in the future.

 ( 2 ) 5G global remote diagnosis

       At present, the whole equipment is equipped with WIFI remote diagnosis function, which provides global real-time fault analysis and troubleshooting, and saves economic and time costs caused by personnel round trip.  In the future, with the help of 5G technology, a faster and more convenient global remote diagnosis service will be provided.

 ( 3 ) 5G data processing system

       With the maturity of 5G technology, the future laser cutting process will no longer be limited to fixed networks, accelerate the intelligent data processing capability of the back end, and reduce the delay loss caused by network transmission and multistage forwarding.  This will help to improve the aging and precision of laser cutting.

 ( 4 ) automatic control and intelligent monitoring

       5G will make industrial interconnection possible.  In the future, the equipment will be interconnected to realize unmanned cutting, intelligent monitoring and intelligent cooperation with bending machines and other equipment to form a fully automatic animal production line.

WSX Cutting head

       The future has come.  Actively promote the construction of China's 5G industry chain, explore the application scenarios of 5G in the laser field, and develop intelligent laser manufacturing solutions that conform to the application mode of " future factory" through close cooperation with vertical industries.  China 5G, Available in Future.

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