Three - dimensional laser cutting technique

2019-02-13 11:06:53 金晓

Traditional cutting techniques include flame cutting, plasma cutting, water knife cutting, wire cutting and punching.  In recent years, as a newly developed technology, laser cutting irradiates a workpiece to be processed with a high energy density laser beam, melts and heats the workpiece, and then blows off slag with high pressure gas to form a gap.  

The so-called three-dimensional fiber laser cutting machine is an advanced laser cutting equipment, which adopts special fiber laser cutting head, high-precision capacitance tracking system, fiber laser and industrial robot system, and can flexibly cut metal plates with different thicknesses.  Multiple angles and directions.

At present, three-dimensional laser cutting is widely used in sheet metal processing, metal processing, advertising, kitchenware, automobiles, lamps, saw blades, elevators, metal crafts, textile machinery, grain machinery, aerospace, medical equipment, instrumentation, etc.  Other industries.  Especially in the sheet metal processing industry, it has replaced the traditional processing methods and is favored by industry users.

Laser cutting NC60

Some problems will be encountered in daily use.  Here are some things you can share:

Why is the laser cuttingquality different when the robot 3D laser cutting machine cuts the same workpiece?  The effect of cutting straight lines or large edges is good, but the effect is worse when cutting corners or small holes, and slag scraping will occur in serious cases?

Structural Reasons of Robots

The mechanical structure of the six-axis manipulator is a six-axis series structure, and the reducer of each of the six axes has precision error.  The cutting quality is good because the six-axis conversion angle is small when the manipulator is in a linear trajectory, and the quality is obviously reduced when performing circular arc trajectory or some large angle conversion is required.

The Reason of Robot Torque

The reason why the cutting quality of different postures has different effects is that different lengths of force arms, force arms and load problems of different postures lead to different cutting effects.

Laser cutting NC60B

Debugging of 3D Laser Cutting Machine

Generally, the dwell time of the manipulator at the corner is relatively long when passing through the apex of the arc.  Here, we usually adopt deceleration, power reduction and real-time air pressure adjustment.  In order to reduce the jitter of the manipulator, the power reduction is to reduce over - combustion, and the real-time adjustment of air pressure and speed power can improve the problem of over-combustion at corners.  If carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum and other different materials are also involved, we can solve the problem of real-time adjustment of air pressure of different cutting plates by adding relevant accessories such as high-pressure proportional valves.

Tools for hard work

Make appropriate tools for specific workpieces.  Do not place the tool at the limit of travel.  Place the workpiece cutting path as far as possible at a position where the manipulator can " comfortably" cut.  In addition, in order to cut some pipe fittings or holes, the workpiece rotates when the robot remains stationary or moves less.

Adjust robot posture

The operator should adjust the posture of the robot through " manual teaching" and reasonably distribute the rotation angle of each axis.  For positions requiring high precision, the posture of the robot should be as " comfortable" as possible, and the number of axes connected during cutting should be as few as possible.

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