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2019-02-14 11:34:16 金晓

With the continuous development of science and technology, the application field of laser technology has also been more and more widely used.  For example, laser welding technology has become a leader in laser applications.  Laser welding technology is a new type of high energy beam welding technology.  Compared with traditional welding, laser welding has the advantages of small thermal deformation, large weld depth-to-width ratio, high precision, low noise, no pollution, easy realization of automatic welding, etc., and is suitable for large-scale production.

If laser welding is to be carried out well, many technologies and processes will become important indicators. These key technologies have become the birthplace of laser welding equipment in many mechanical equipment markets.  For example, the welding process conditions, fixture positioning, welding tracking, etc. since then are the key technical points.

Welding head

Welding process parameter conditions

The selection of laser welding process parameters directly determines and affects the quality of molten pool.  The selection of process parameter conditions is based on the analysis of the welding depth, appearance and strength conditions after welding by testing the reference value of the welding base metal of the same material.  Among them, the process parameters mainly include laser power, welding head walking speed, type and flow rate of shielding gas, etc.

Welding head ND36

 Fixture positioning fixture

Due to the structural mode of energy focusing, laser welding has a small impact area and small spot diameter due to the immediate melting of heat energy. Therefore, the gap between parent metal materials needs to be strictly controlled, and the weld strength is difficult to ensure the other side.  The structural design of the tool fixture of the inflatable cabinet box and the splitting method of the process flow determine the assembly clearance for positioning and pressing workpieces.  According to the structural characteristics of the workpiece, the production conditions of the user, the output layout and other actual conditions, the laser welding of the inflatable cabinet box is divided into several processes.  Laser penetration welding completes precise positioning and bonding through a set of clamps, and directly completes welding. Laser seal welding first requires positioning and spot welding of each individual component, and then completes the entire seal welding process through the cooperation of automatic conveying and automatic conveying.  Displacement device.

Welding tracking

The deviation of workpiece positioning leads to the deviation between the taught position of the welding laser beam and the actual position of the workpiece, resulting in unqualified welding quality.  In addition, the size of the workpiece of the inflatable cabinet is relatively large, and the continuous input of heat from the laser beam will cause a certain amount of deformation of the workpiece.  Through the use of mechanical micro-contact probe device to find the welding position, as well as the position detection and instantaneous compensation in the welding walking process, it is ensured that the welding position does not deviate from the joint surface of the workpiece.

With the continuous updating and subdivision of technology, laser welding technology will be able to meet the needs of more users and provide technology for more industries.

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