Classification and working principle of laser cutting head

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Have you seen a metal laser head cutter? Do you know what a metal laser head cutter is? The metal laser head cutting machine is a machine made of metal and cut by laser head technology. This device is now used in many places and it uses a laser head. Do you know what the laser head is? The laser head is a beam with a strong release capability. The laser head can achieve extremely fast cutting in a short period of time. The metal cutting machine is very labor-saving and saves time. Do you know the principle of a metal laser head cutter?

Let us now look at the principle of a metal laser head cutter.

Laser head cutting uses a focused, high-power-density laser beam to illuminate the workpiece so that the material being irradiated can melt, evaporate, ablate, or reach the ignition point. At the same time, the high-speed airflow coaxial with the beam blows away the molten material, thereby cutting the workpiece. Laser head cutting is one of the hot cutting methods.

Cutting Head

Laser head cutting can be divided into four types: laser head evaporation cutting, laser head melt cutting, laser head oxygen cutting, laser head line and break control.

1) Laser head evaporation cutting

A high-energy-density laser beam is used to heat the workpiece, causing the temperature to rise rapidly, reaching the boiling point of the material in a short period of time, and the material begins to evaporate to form steam. The steam is sprayed at a high speed, and a slit is formed in the material while the steam is being sprayed. The heat of vaporization of the material is usually very large, so laser head vaporization cutting requires a large amount of power and power density.

Laser head vaporization cutting is mainly used to cut very thin metal materials and non-metallic materials (such as paper, cloth, wood, plastic, rubber, etc.).

2) Laser head melting and cutting

During the melting and cutting of the laser head, the metal material is melted by laser heating, and then the non-oxidizing gas (Ar, He, N, etc.) is injected through a nozzle coaxial with the beam, and the liquid metal forms a gap by the strong pressure exhaust gas. Laser head melt cutting does not require complete evaporation of the metal, and the energy required is only 1/10 of the vaporization cut.

Laser head melt cutting is mainly used to cut materials that are not easily oxidized or active metals such as stainless steel, titanium, aluminum and their alloys.

3) Laser head oxygen cutting

The principle of laser head oxygen cutting is similar to oxyacetylene cutting. It uses a laser as a preheating heat source and uses an active gas such as oxygen as a cutting gas. On the one hand, the blown gas reacts with the cut metal to generate an oxidation reaction and releases a large amount of heat of oxidation; on the other hand, the molten oxide and the melt are blown out from the reaction zone to form a gap in the metal. Since the oxidation reaction during the cutting process generates a large amount of heat, the energy required for oxygen cutting of the laser head is only 1/2 of the energy required for melt cutting, and the cutting speed is much higher than the cutting speed of the laser head evaporation cutting and melt cutting. . Laser head oxygen cutting is mainly used for easily oxidizable metal materials such as carbon steel, titanium steel and heat treated steel.

4) Laser head line and break control

The laser headline is to scan the surface of the brittle material with a high energy density laser, evaporate the material into small grooves, and then apply a certain pressure to crack the brittle material along the small groove. The lasers used for laser dicing are typically Q-switched lasers and CO2 lasers.

Controlling the fracture is a steep temperature distribution generated during the grooving process of the laser head, which generates local thermal stress in the brittle material and destroys the material along the small groove.

Cutting Head

The above is the principle introduction of the metal laser head cutting machine. The metal laser head cutting machine is an automatic typesetting machine that saves a lot of material and uses a metal laser head cutter to cut the material very smoothly and the cut is very smooth. Metal laser cutting machines are not cheap, and the general price is more than 20,000, but this equipment can reduce the processing cost during operation. Most processing plants choose this type of equipment, which reduces the manufacturing and processing costs of the business.

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