WSX laser cutting head is moving towards higher intelligence

2019-02-16 15:15:30 金晓

At this MWCS exhibition, Shenzhen WSX Technology Co., Ltd. focused on introducing the newly developed auto-focus laser head NC30.  According to Zhou Junhua, the company's marketing director for East China, this laser cutting head can quickly replace focusing mirrors with different focal lengths and adapt to various fiber lasers.  It is very intelligent, safe and reliable.  " At present, laser cutting heads on the market can only cut thick plates within the high-power operating range. When cutting thin plates, it is usually necessary to replace the cutting heads.  The advantage of our new product is that it does not need to replace the cutting head, can meet the automatic cutting of plates with different thicknesses, greatly reduces the use cost and labor cost of customers, and is a great benefit to the high-power application market.  “

WSX Laser Head

In recent years, under the upsurge of industry 4.0, industrial internet, internet of things and cloud computing, many manufacturing enterprises around the world are actively participating in the construction practice of intelligent factories.  " Intelligence is undoubtedly the development direction of WSX's laser head.  Especially in the field of laser cutting, we have been exploring more intelligent and automated cutting methods.  Nowadays, fiber lasers are constantly subverting traditional processing methods and improving intelligence.  Therefore, our future goal is to continuously improve the intelligence level of optical fiber laser machines and truly make them " intelligent weapons".  From the perspective of equipment, we hope to gradually realize single-person manufacturing.  Future operations or future assembly lines, and even to the final unmanned studio.  All equipment will be intelligently controlled through the terminal system.  " Zhou Junhua pointed out.

In addition, he said, laser cutting head has become an ideal solution for metal processing industry due to its high efficiency, non-contact processing and flexibility, as well as its advantages in precision, speed and efficiency.  " It is reported that the compound growth rate of laser cutting machine market will reach 8.91% from 2016 to 2020.  However, there are still few laser cutting machines in China and they are worldwide. "  According to his introduction, Wan Shunxing's goal is to make " Made in China" go to the world, create more innovative national brands and gradually realize " going out".

For example, for laser cutting heads, we launched a patent system for automatic loading and unloading of plates and pipes in the first half of this year, while our casting bed, equipment control system and the above-mentioned new automatic focusing laser heads are all our original products.  In the future, we will continuously improve the research and development level, improve the cutting quality, and strive to become the leader of the national laser industry.

WSX Laser Head

 " We have participated in labor fairs for many years in a row.  As the annual feast of the machine tool industry, WSX Laser is glad to compete with many famous brands at home and abroad every year to show our advanced products and technologies.  And industry solutions ".  Zhou Junhua concluded.

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