In July,WSX laser invites you to meet at Shanghai Optical Expo, Munich

2020-07-02 09:14:16 晶肖

The laser world of photonics China, originally scheduled to be held in March, will be held in Shanghai from July 3 to 5, 2020.


With the effective control of the new epidemic situation in China, economic recovery has become the primary task at present.

As the basic pillar industry of national economy, electronic information and science and technology industry is the foundation and blood of the development of many industries, and has become a key link in stabilizing the economy, ensuring employment and seeking development.

At this time, the 2020 Shanghai Munich exhibition is expected!

At this laser China exhibition,WSX will show you the solution of welding system and seam tracking.

Entering the Shanghai Optical Expo in Munich,WSX will take you to understand the forefront of laser science and technology, and experience the latest welding and cutting products of WSX from zero distance.

8.1 e230, looking forward to your visit!


Let's introduce the highlight products of WSX

● nd12k swaying welded joint


This welding joint has a strong advantage in high reflective material welding and high power welding application, and is an economical and efficient welding joint.

The welding joint adopts X and y-axis vibrating lens driven by motor, which has various swing modes, and the swing welding allows irregular welding and larger gap, which can significantly improve the welding quality.

The internal structure of the welded joint is completely sealed, which can avoid the dust pollution of the optical part.

It is equipped with air curtain parts to reduce the pollution of welding fume and spatter residue on lens.

The protective lens adopts the extraction structure, which is easy to replace and can be equipped with coaxial.

● nc62 6000W monitoring intelligent cutting head


This cutting head has strong advantages in the application of medium power and large format fiber cutting.

The internal structure of the laser head is completely sealed, which can avoid the dust pollution of the optical part.

The laser head is adjusted by two point alignment, focusing is driven by imported motor, and the efficiency of perforation is significantly improved.

The protective lens adopts drawer type installation, which is easy to replace.

It can be equipped with various lasers with QBH junction.

It can display fault alarm, collimation alarm, pressure alarm and lower protective mirror alarm function indicator.

● About Shanghai Light Expo in Munich

As an important annual gathering of the laser, optical and Optoelectronic Industries in Asia, from basic research to industrial application, Shanghai Optical Expo in Munich explores the development trend of the industry;

The exhibition covers laser and optoelectronics, optics and optical manufacturing, laser production and processing technology, imaging and machine vision, inspection and quality control. It is an industry exhibition that can not be missed.


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