Development status and trend analysis of the global laser industry in 2020

2020-08-20 14:47:09 晶肖

Laser is a new light source in the 1960s. It has the characteristics of good directionality, high brightness, good monochromaticity and high energy density. The laser-based laser industry is developing rapidly in the world and is now widely used in industrial production. , Communications, information processing, medical and health, military, cultural education, and scientific research. At present, the global laser industry market is developing rapidly, and the sales of laser products are growing at an average rate of more than 10% every year, and it is showing a trend of accelerated growth.

The global laser market exceeds 15 billion US dollars

Laser has the characteristics of good directionality, high brightness, good monochromaticity and high energy density. Developed countries such as Europe and the United States first began to use lasers in various industries such as processing and manufacturing, and then laser technology was introduced to developing countries such as China and other manufacturing countries. Transfer. According to Laser Focus World data, the global laser market continued to grow from 2013 to 2019. The global laser market in 2019 was US$15.13 billion, a year-on-year increase of 1.3%.


Material processing and communication are the main application areas of lasers

Lasers have a wide range of applications, and the main application markets are material processing and communications. Lasers have been widely used in materials processing, communications, information processing, medical beauty, scientific research, military affairs, culture and education, etc., among which the fields of material processing and communications account for the largest proportion.

In the global laser application field in 2019, material processing and lithography, communication and storage are still the main global laser application markets, accounting for 44.3% and 26.8% respectively; scientific research and military accounted for 9.3% of the remaining application fields, and the medical and beauty market It accounts for 7.5%, instruments and sensors account for 7.4%, and entertainment, display and printing markets account for 3.2%.


Industrial laser scale growth slows down

There are many types of industrial lasers. According to different gain media, lasers can be divided into fiber lasers, solid lasers, gas lasers, semiconductor lasers, etc. The lasers used in material processing are mainly industrial lasers. According to the data released by "International Industrial Laser Business Market", global industrial laser sales revenue in 2019 was US$5.15 billion, a year-on-year increase of 1.8%.


Fiber laser is the most important laser variety

Fiber lasers are favored by downstream customers for their high efficiency, versatility, and low maintenance cost. They are gradually occupying the market of solid-state lasers and gas lasers in industrial applications, and their market share has increased from 33.8% in 2013 to 53.3% in 2019 , Becoming the largest laser variety in the market.


According to data released by "International Industrial Laser Business Market", global fiber laser sales revenue in 2019 was US$2.74 billion. Since 2018, the average annual compound growth rate has reached 30%. After several years of rapid growth, Lasers are increasingly becoming the first choice in sheet metal cutting applications. In 2019, they still maintained a growth trend in an unfriendly environment.


The above data comes from the "China Laser Industry Market Outlook and Investment Strategic Planning Analysis Report" by the Foresight Industry Research Institute.


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