Wood products are engraved with a laser head marking machine

2019-02-18 10:58:57 金晓

In the era of rapid economic development, more and more exquisite and unique wood products are widely loved by consumers, which promotes the vigorous development of wood products processing industry. There are many types of wood products, the most common of which are furniture wood products, office wood products, living wood products, packaging wood products and high-tech wood products.  Wood

carving is only a branch of craft wood products, but Chinese wood carving art has been very famous since ancient times and can be traced back to the primitive society, when there were many crafts with initial shapes.  Nowadays, wood products are widely used in furniture and handicrafts and are very popular in the society, combining the living needs and aesthetic pursuit of modern society.

Laser head carved wooden box

As the material closest to nature, wood is loved by more and more people.  Wooden products are usually accompanied by labels of health, environmental protection and original ecology.  Nowadays, with the increasingly strong concept of health, wood products are highly sought after.  For example, the most common are wooden furniture, wooden office life, wooden packaging, high-tech wood products and wooden decorations.  Although these articles pursue functions, they also pursue viewing.  For example, carving patterns, designs, characters and marks on the surface of wooden products will increase the aesthetic feeling of these wooden products and make them more artistic!

Laser head carved wooden box

Wood products are scientific and technological products made from wood processing and manufacturing.  Due to the rapid development of the society and the continuous introduction of various advanced processing technologies into the woodworking industry, woodworking laser head marking machines use laser beams of laser head to mark permanent marks on the surface.  However, traditional wood products are hand carved, which takes a long time and consumes a lot of energy, and requires the processor to have high technical and artistic requirements.  Therefore, the development of wood products industry is particularly slow.  With the emergence of laser head engraving machines,laser cutting headmachines and other laser head equipment, wood products laser marking technology has been widely used.  High efficiency and high precision laser head marking machines have promoted the continuous rise of wood products industry.

Laser Head

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