Application of optical fiber cutting head in lighting manufacturing

2019-02-19 11:12:09 金晓

With the pursuit of people's tastes of life, exquisite atmospheric lighting has become the first choice for home decoration. Especially for those who care about private space, beautiful and dreamy lights can give their souls a greater sublimation, especially the style of metal lighting products.

Fiber cutting head

A good metal lighting product requires a lot of complicated procedures to complete, especially large metal lighting is not only complicated in process, but also has a long manufacturing cycle. In order to save manufacturing cycles and increase production efficiency, it is necessary to introduce processing equipment with high efficiency, high precision and reduced procedures. The application of fiber cutting heads in metal lighting manufacturing is a perfect match.

The fiber cutting head adopts mobile laser cutting, and the processing width is large. The negative pressure crawler type working platform is equipped with left and right feeding and receiving devices, which can complete discharging, cutting and receiving at one time, greatly reducing the time interval between processes and improving work. Efficiency and throughput, and pipeline processing equipment that automates all actions and functions from feed, length measurement to laser cutting to blanking.

In addition to light bulbs, most metal lighting products are made of metal tubes. In order to make the metal holes beautiful, in addition to simple opening and cutting processes, complicated processes such as engraving and chamfering are required. Previously, the manufacture of this type of lighting required not only the casting of a semi-manual pipe cutter, but also the need for skilled workers to manually engrave and rough the parts, thus wasting a lot of time and labor costs.

Fiber cutting head

The application of fiber cutting heads in metal lighting manufacturing can not only reduce part of the labor force, but also engraving, chamfering and other processes in processing and production. The most important thing is that the pipe processed by the fiber cutting head does not require secondary treatment. These components can be directly used in the next process, which actually saves a lot of useless work. For some small manufacturers, the early investment of fiber cutting head is relatively large, but its equipment can do several people's work, can run all day, and can complete the cutting requirements with high efficiency and high precision, it is worth a look. Long-term investment.

As the laser head application industry continues to expand, its capabilities are becoming more powerful. The application of fiber cutting heads in metal lighting manufacturing shows that laser head equipment has been cultivated in the furniture industry, and laser head equipment will also contribute to more industries.


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