The connection between laser head and parts in laser cutting machine

2021-01-22 10:05:16 晶肖

In the automatic programming of the five-axis laser, when the cutting path is automatically loaded, the position of the laser head of the laser cutting machine is generally set to the normal direction of the cutting path, that is, it is always perpendicular to the cutting surface. However, in some special positions of the part, such as the inner fillet with a small angle. The laser head and parts will inevitably interfere.

According to the experience of using Sicube laser cutting programming software, in this case, it is almost impossible to absolutely keep the laser head in the normal direction of the cutting edge. If the method of avoiding is adopted, the processing of this part cannot be completed.

If the angles of the A and B axes of the laser head are changed locally at the corners, the laser head will not cut at the normal position, but the purpose of avoiding the collision of the laser head can be achieved.

However, on such an arc profile, there are usually multiple programming points that interfere, so the A and B axis must be modified at each programming point. In addition, it is also necessary to consider that the angles of the A and B axes of all programming points on the entire arc must be a continuous and smooth transition. Because, if the angles of the A and B axes between adjacent programming points change too much, then in actual cutting, the laser head rotates at a large angle while only at a short distance (maybe only a few millimeters, or even a few millimeters). Shorter) upward movement, resulting in long-term cutting and overburning in this area, which seriously affects the cutting quality.

The applied SiCube software found that there is a very convenient method for handling this situation. Only need to adjust the laser head A and B axis angles of the programming point before the interference and the programming point after the interference, and then use the "automatic axis interpolation" calculation function of the software, and the software will automatically use the two points A and B that have been set The axis angles are the starting and ending angles, which are automatically interpolated to ensure continuous smooth transition between the two points. This not only solves the problem of avoidance, but also ensures the continuity of cutting.


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