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2019-02-21 11:21:09 金晓

The proportion of continuous optical fiber laser heads increases, and overseas markets need to be broken through.  The biggest change in the company's revenue structure in recent years is the increase in the revenue share of continuous fiber laser heads: from 2014 to 2017, the revenue share of continuous laser heads nearly doubled annually, increasing from 41 to 76%.  Sources of revenue by region: Mainland China is the company's main sales market, accounting for 94% of revenue and only 6% of revenue in overseas markets.

WSX Laser Head

1.Global Laser Head Industry Vigorously Develops.

Laser head technology can be widely used in civil and military fields. In recent years, the laser head industry has developed rapidly and is expanding its application fields from both breadth and depth, gradually penetrating into many fields of the national economy.  In the field of equipment manufacturing, high-power laser head equipment plays an increasingly important role in cutting head, welding head, measurement, marking and other links of high-end equipment manufacturing in aviation, aerospace, automobiles, high-speed rail, ships and other fields.

Developed countries such as Europe and the United States were the first to use laser heads and have taken up a larger market share for a long time.  With the transfer of global manufacturing to developing countries, the market share of laser head industry in the Asia - Pacific region is growing rapidly.  In the process of manufacturing upgrading, developing countries are gradually replacing traditional equipment with laser head equipment. The demand for laser heads is strong and is currently one of the most important driving forces in the global laser head industry market.  According to the report of U.S. Strategies Unlimited, the income scale of the global laser head industry continued to grow from $ 8.97bn in 2013 to $ 12.43bn in 2017, with an annual compound growth rate of 8.50%.  In 2016 and 2017, the growth rate was 8.34% and 18.16% respectively.  With the breakthrough of high-power laser head technology and the maturity of additive manufacturing technology, it is expected that the laser head industry will continue to grow rapidly in the future.

2.The core advantage of optical fiber laser head is highlighted, and it is expected to continue to replace the traditional laser head in the future.

Optical fiber laser head has become the main force of laser head technology.  According to different gain media;  Laser heads can be divided into liquid laser heads, gas laser heads, semiconductor laser heads and solid laser heads.  Compared with other laser heads, optical fiber laser heads have the advantages of simple structure, high conversion efficiency, good beam quality, low maintenance cost and good heat dissipation performance. They have become the mainstream light sources in traditional industrial manufacturing fields such as metal cutting heads, welding heads and marks, and have been widely used in medical beauty, aerospace and military applications. At present, they have become the mainstream direction of laser head technology development and the main force of laser head industry application.  Compared with traditional laser head, optical fiber laser head has the characteristics of high conversion efficiency, good heat dissipation, compact structure, maintenance - free, flexible transmission and so on, and is known as " the third generation laser head". 

The electro-optical conversion efficiency of the optical fiber laser head can reach 30 - 35%, which is several times of the efficiency of the traditional solid and gas laser head, and is very energy-saving and environment - friendly.  , while replacing the traditional laser head, its application scope is also continuously expanding, including laser optical fiber communication, laser space long-distance communication, aerospace, industrial shipbuilding, automobile manufacturing, laser head engraving, laser head marking, laser head cutting, printing rollers, metal and nonmetal drilling / cutting / welding ( brazing, quenching water, cladding and deep welding ), military national defense safety, medical instruments and equipment, large-scale infrastructure, and as a pump source for other laser heads.

WSX Laser Head

3. China is the world's largest consumer market for optical fiber laser heads.

The Asia - Pacific region has gathered the world's important automobile industry, traditional manufacturing industry and semiconductor industry. The market demand for optical fiber laser heads is very strong.  However, the rapid development of China's industrial economy and the advantages of low cost and high output power of optical fiber laser heads are expected to become an important driving force for the growth of the global optical fiber laser head market.  Due to the market demand of consumer electronics manufacturers, the industrial laser head market in China, Japan, South Korea and other countries and regions has shown substantial growth. It is estimated that the market size of fiber laser in the Asia - Pacific region will reach US $ 1.326 billion in 2021, accounting for 46% of the global market and CAGR in 18 - 21 will be 14.99%.

China's laser head industry started late, but with the rapid development of domestic equipment manufacturing industry, the domestic laser head industry has gradually entered a period of high-speed development since 2010.  According to the data of China Industrial Information Network, the market size of China's laser head processing equipment increased from 16.9 billion yuan in 2012 to 49.5 billion yuan in 2017, and the market size of China's laser head equipment is expected to exceed 60 billion yuan in 2018. 

4.The domestic leader in research and development of optical fiber laser head technology and mass production.

WSX laser head is specialized in the research, development, production and sales of optical fiber laser heads and their key devices and materials, with vertical integration capability from materials and devices to the whole machine.  The combination of technology, policy and capital has created a favorable environment for human, geographical and climatic development. Many " firsts" of domestic optical fiber laser heads have been generated in Ruike. The revenue scale has increased from 232 million in 2014 to 950 million in 2017, making it the largest manufacturer of optical fiber laser heads in China.

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