Laser welding head makes the Pentium T77's welding "seamless"

2019-02-23 10:59:54 金晓

The development of the automobile industry has also experienced more than 100 years.  Starting from scratch, the appearance of cars is getting better and better, and the quality cannot be ignored.  Advanced technology determines the quality of cars.  Compared with the common welding technology we used before, laser welding has obvious advantages and costs over common welding.  Because of this, laser welding heads are becoming more and more popular with automobile manufacturers.

Welding head

As we all know, the Pentium T77 has achieved monthly sales of more than 100,000 since its listing, and its quality is even worse.  Therefore, the quality of Pentium cars has gradually won praise from more and more consumers.  Today, let's talk about the reason why the Pentium T77 car can win both sales and public praise.

Pentium T77 is produced by Changchun FAW Base and is a first-class domestic automobile production base built under the guidance of Industrial Manufacturing 4.0.  It includes four main processes of stamping, welding, painting and assembly.  The automation level of the whole line has reached about 80%, of which the welding process has reached an astonishing 90%, reaching the level of most joint-venture brands and even surpassing the welding of some joint-venture brands.  The highly automated process has also brought T77 high quality and high sales volume.

Welding head

This time we will talk about the welding and assembly technology of Pentium cars, not to mention other technologies.  Welding is called mechanical tailoring, which is responsible for welding stamped workpieces together and is widely used in manufacturing.  What is the exclusive secret of becoming a rising star of automobile brands to catch up with some joint-venture brands?  The main welding wire is equipped with a full-automatic production robot, which can complete handling, welding and gluing, thus fully ensuring the welding accuracy of the whole vehicle.  Various scattered stamping parts are welded together, including welding of four doors and two covers ( four doors, engine cover and trunk cover ).  A large number of robot welding heads are adopted to strictly ensure the welding quality and precision of the welding heads, and the strength, rigidity and sealing performance of each welding position can meet the requirements, thus providing strong guarantee for the safety of drivers.  And passengers.  The automation level of many independent brand factories is not high.  Although the cost is saved, the welding quality of the welding head cannot be guaranteed. China - Pentium automobile has proved its excellent quality with advanced robots and technologies.

As a laser generator for large-scale industrial production of laser head brazing equipment, it needs to meet the characteristics of reliable equipment, stable process and flexible and convenient module design.  At present, the Pentium car laser welding head adopts internationally renowned brand laser welding head, which is safe and sealed in a special isolation room, equipped with dust removal system, circularly cools and purifies water, and optical fiber connector is used for switching maintenance.

Generally speaking, the laser spot will not be completely concentrated on the copper welding wire, because it will put forward extremely high requirements for the laser head spot, which is neither necessary nor economical for the laser brazing head currently applied to vehicle bodies.  .  Generally, about 2 / 3 of the spot of the laser welding head is irradiated on the copper welding wire, and about 1 / 3 of the spot is irradiated on the main body steel plate.  In this way, the main metal plate is heated while the welding wire melts.

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